Our Story

We hear you. You're paying too much . We want to help.

Did you know you're paying up to 50% more for everyday supplies than large companies?

Middlemen continue to inflate prices year on year and you can't go directly to factories because you don't have enough volume.

Here at StoreHub, we talk with businesses regularly and we feel your pain. In a very similar way to how we launched Beep Delivery in response to the Covid Lockdowns, we launched Deals Club in response to rising supply prices and a slowdown in markets.

But we're about to change the game. By combining the buying power of 10,000 Malaysian business owners, we’re bringing the strength of many to the few.

Our team has worked to source, curate and test products from factories all over to bring you your daily essentials.

At the best prices in town, with premium quality.

Welcome to the Deals Club.

10 years of experience serving small businesses in Malaysia

StoreHub is an all-in-one platform that enables retailers and restaurants across Southeast Asia to automate and grow their businesses.

Our platform provides an ecosystem of solutions ranging from a cloud-based POS system, to QR-based table ordering, loyalty, customer engagement, and more.

In August 2023, StoreHub launched The Deals Club, bringing core business supplies direct-from-factories to retail and F&B businesses in Malaysia.